Company history



Rooeinta Zanjan company registered in 1999 and immediately was constructed area of 6,000 square meters Bazryft 3000 tonnes per year and was put into operation and now has a capacity of 3800 tons per year with the purity of 99.98% will continue to work co
They also participate in various organizations including the Association of Industries and Mines, lead and zinc, the database exporters, EU exporters of industrial products and mining lead and zinc is member
As well as passive gold from lead and zinc mines and industries of the country is a major shareholder cooperatives.









  Address : iran - zanjan -Road 5 bijar - Industrial Park Zinc  St 6

Tel : 024332383165

Fax : 024332383238

Email : info[at]




Zinc ingot exports to various countries, including Turkey, India, UAE and South Korea 11


Capacity utilization and sheet ingot over 3800 tons per year 4

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